Google Meet Basics

  • Level: Basic
  • Study time: 10 min
  • Video time: 20 min
  • IL PD Credit: 0.75 PDH
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About the course

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool within the Google Suite of Tools.  It allows users to host and attend virtual meetings with users from anywhere in the world.  Google Meet is accessible through the web browser on any device or a mobile app.  While in a virtual meeting, you can use tools like screen sharing, virtual whiteboard, and chat.  Google Meet integrates easily with Google Classroom and is easy to use and manage a call to keep your students safe.

Supportive lessons

The videos and interactive tutorials will guide you step-by-step toward a functional understanding and use of this powerful tool.


Pause when you need to practice or rewind to review the skills again, as your learning needs and busy schedules require.

Practical approach

You'll quickly learn the basics of Google Meet virtual calls, settings, and tools, to start communicating in no time.

Course Lessons

Created by

Emily Pool

Emily Pool (she/her) is an LTC Instructional Technology Coach serving the Adams and Pike county regions. In this role, Emily strives to help teachers get excited about, engaged with, and enriched by educational technology – especially when it comes to bridging the gap between potential and implementation.