Level Up with Shared Drives

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Videos: 10 min
  • Practice: 15 Min
  • IL PD Credit: 0.5 PDH
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About the course

Level up your school's collaboration with Google Shared Drives!

Feeling overwhelmed by individual Google Drives in your school? This online course will equip you, as a teacher or administrator, to leverage the power of Shared Drives, a collaborative workspace designed to streamline workflows and enhance communication.

Benefits of the Course:

Simplify Organization

Learn how to create clear and efficient structures and protocols for easy access to shared documents, lesson plans, and resources across your school.

Boost Collaboration

Discover strategies to seamlessly share files and folders with colleagues, departments, or entire grade levels, fostering a collaborative school learning environment.

Enhance security

Learn how to manage access permissions, support best practice, and help ensure that sensitive data stays protected within the Shared Drive ecosystem.

Course Lessons

Created by

Emily Pool

Emily Pool (she/her) is an LTC Instructional Technology Coach serving the Adams and Pike county regions. In this role, Emily strives to help teachers get excited about, engaged with, and enriched by educational technology – especially when it comes to bridging the gap between potential and implementation.